About us

Welcome to Pure Glo candles. We are a small business based in Brisbane, where we individually hand pour our candles in small batches. We started making candles from a love and passion for creating beautiful scented candles to fill our home. From there it grew to producing candles and melts for family and friends and our business is continuing to grow.

Our candles are made with natural soy wax producing a cleaner, longer burn time and excellent scent throw. All our wicks are made with lead free natural cotton. Each of our fragrances have been carefully selected to offer a range that will suit everyone from subtle, delicate notes to more complex stronger notes. We know that scents can be powerful in triggering a special memory or providing a feeling of relaxation and calmness. We have spent a lot of time testing our product and are proud to offer a candle range that will bring a little bit of luxury to your home or office.

Thank you for visiting our website today and for supporting a small local business.


Owner Pure Glo candles