Fragrance Guide


At Pure Glo we offer a range of fragrances that you can select with our different styles of candle jars and reed diffusers. The selection of a fragrance is a very personal choice and can set the mood for the room that you choose to burn your candle. You may want to invoke a feeling of calm, relaxation or promote a vibrant, lively feeling to a room. For that reason we have a broad range of fragrances that can be selected for the right occasion. Each fragrance has been rated for the scent strength from light, moderate to strong aroma.


Australian Bush (moderate – strong)

A beautiful fragrance that transports you to the Australian outback with notes of lemon myrtle, eucalyptus, pine needle on a base of sandalwood. An absolute favourite!

Kakadu Plum and Bush Cucumber (moderate)

A refreshing fragrance with sharp, citrus notes of Australian bush plums and fir needle complimented with light notes of cucumber on a base of spicy amber scents. A unique Australian blend.


Amalfi Coast (moderate)

A refreshing and uplifting aroma with beautiful blends of light citrus and wild freesia. Additional notes of lavender on a base of amber and sandalwood provides an element of sophistication.

Coconut and Lime (moderate)

A tropical fresh delight with an irresistible fusion of fresh coconut and zesty lime and lemon verbena balanced with a smooth buttery vanilla. A summer’s day hit!

Crushed Lime and Sea Salt (moderate)

An invigorating scent that evokes the smell of the ocean with strong sea salt freshness. Mixed with uplifting notes of orange zest and kaffir lime on an earthy base of sea salt, amber and cedarwood.


Grapefruit and Red Berries (moderate)

A sweet, uplifting and vibrant fragrance with juicy red grapefruit, tangy berries on a base of freesia, orange blossom and jasmine.

Lemongrass and Persian Lime (moderate)

Fresh lemongrass with a twist of lime to enliven and uplift the mood. Additional notes of vanilla bean and rosewood give it depth and mellowness.


Lychee Peony (moderate)

An elegant, sweet and delicate floral blend with notes of raspberry and lychee fruit. Soft and refreshing on a rich base of jasmine and peach nectar. A delightful fragrance.


Green Bamboo and Fig (moderate)

A pure and revitalizing fragrance of green bamboo entwined with refreshing notes of coconut water, seagrass orange flower and vetiver This is an exquisite unisex fragrance.

French Pear (moderate/strong)

Very popular. A sweet indulgence of ripe pear with tones of pepper and cinnamon. A rare combination of sweet and spicy that can be enjoyed all year round.

Leather and Sandalwood (strong)

Strong rich earthy notes of cedarwood and patchouli paired with leather, bergamot and geranium. A bold and sophisticate unisex fragrance.

Black Rose and Oud (moderate)

Limited Edition fragrance – A unique fragrance combining sweet notes of rose and geranium with exotic oud wood and musk with the warm spices of patchouli and saffron.


Caramel Vanilla (strong)

A delicious sweet classic featuring a blend of rich creamy vanilla and dark brown sugar with notes of balsamic and tonka bean.

Bourbon and Vanilla (moderate)

Limited Edition fragrance – An intoxicating blend of rich smooth oaky bourbon with fresh citrus top notes blended with warm vanilla and tonka bean, leaving a subtle aroma of butterscotch.